A complete chat platform, messaging and chat SDK and API

Take advantage of an all-in-one chat platform for your mobile apps and websites: chat and messaging SDKs and APIs complemented by a fully managed chat infrastructure.

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An all-in-one toolbox for building a great messaging experience

You’re the leader on your own journey - integrate our messaging SDKs and APIs into your app, then buid from there as you see fit.

Chat & Messaging

Keep your customers engaged in their community with private messaging and group or public chat rooms.

Moderation & Data

Command conversations, export messaging data, and manage user experiences using tools to protect your brand.

Customer Support

Connect with customers through personal, satisfying customer experiences and boost productivity for your agents.

Security & Compliance

Protect your environment using advanced encryption and security certifications for an airtight messaging API and infrastructure.

Providing Chat For Leading Companies Like Yours

“We were looking for a chat service that offers an experience as rich as WhatsApp and also works great for customer support. By using SendBird with other SaaS solutions, we get to choose the best software and have the best plug & play system.”


Are you ready to connect your community?